Bar-B-Q Sweepstakes


Introducing the inaugural CuttingEdge Products Magazine’s Ultimate Backyard Barebecue Giveaway!

We are thrilled to offer a one-of-a-kind chance for you to win the Ultimate Backyard BBQ. Best yet – you can register for this remarkable prize package and utilize it in whichever way you prefer – for your backyard, an enticing in-store giveaway, or a motivating employee incentive contest.

Sweepstake Includes the Following Prizes!

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Weber Searwood™ XL 600 Pellet Grill

Smoke, sear, roast, and more featuring a full temperature range from 180° to 600°F and DirectFlame™ cooking that creates bold flavorful sear marks. Cook confidently with intuitive digital controls at the grill and WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you monitor and control the grill remotely.

Value: $1199.99

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Louisiana Grill® 4-Burner Deluxe Portable Griddle LG4BGD1

The new Founders griddle features multiple innovations beginning with a nonstick and rust-resistant ceramic-coated cooktop and its unique fold-in-leg design perfect for tailgating and camping trips. The Founders griddle includes a full-length cover, a complete line of utensils, and a paper towel.

Value: $799.00

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Ooni™ Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

The Ooni Karu utilizes advanced technology, including optimized airflow engineering, a ceramic fiber-insulated stainless steel oven body, a front-mounted digital thermometer, and a versatile wood-, charcoal- or gas-fueled option. With temperatures reaching 950 °F, you can create stone-baked.

Value: $909.00

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The ORCA® 80-Quart Cooler

Our most innovative cooler yet! It features stronger hinges, easier-to-open latches, new center drain channel, larger lock openings with better ice retention, and a smoother finish. It is also the first ORCA to have a handled divider accessory! It can hold 2 baskets, 3 dividers or combinations of both depending on your needs.

Value: $450.00

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Kingsford® Grillmaster’s ChoicePellets

Kingsford® Grillmaster’s ChoicePellets, Hickory, Cherry and Oak, 25 LBS flavor is what it’s all about. Grilling with Kingsford® Grillmaster’s Choice 100% Natural Hardwood Blend Pellets brings you authentic wood-smoked flavor from all-natural American hardwood.

Value $140.00

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Baseball BBQ Silver Utensil Set

Baseball BBQ makes patented, bat-handle BBQ tools and cutting boards licensed for all MLB teams and many top colleges and universities.  Fun and functional, Baseball BBQ products are perfect for casual fans and serious grillers. All products are proudly made or assembled and engraved in the USA.

Value $159.99

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Owala FreeSip®

The stainless-steel Owala FreeSip by Trove Brands is leakproof, offering a dual functionality that caters to various drinking preferences. Whether you prefer sipping through a straw or indulging in a hearty gulp that effortlessly molds to your mouth shape, this bottle has you covered.

Value: $216.00

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BACON UP® Bacon Grease

Bacon Up is authentic bacon grease, triple-filtered for purity and shelf stable. With a high smoke point, it is perfect for outdoor cooking. And because it adds a richer, more complex flavor, Bacon Up is popular as a binder, on griddles, in cast iron cookware, and even for deep frying.

Value $80.00

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Frostop® Root Beer Soda

Our bottled Root Beer is the original award-winning Frostop recipe that infuses 22 original flavors, which we cold-brew in small batches at thirty-six degrees – the exact temperature that brings out Frostop’s rich, delicious, and creamy flavor. All our Frostop Root Beer and Creme varieties are brewed since 1926.

Value: $60.00