About Us

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Simply the best! Our loyal readers have made Cutting Edge Products magazine one of the fastest-growing trade publications in the home improvement industry.

Independent retailers count on us to provide practical advice and innovative solutions for everyday or complex business problems. Leading Manufacturers trust us to share insights about the people, places, and products that contribute to their success. Cutting Edge Products magazine builds relationships and taps into the power of community.

Our publication provides a forum for creative thinkers and industry experts to discuss topics that impact owner-operated hardware stores and small businesses. Creating connections and sharing ideas has helped us raise the bar for excellence in service to retailers and manufacturers.


Cutting Edge Products Benefit Retailers in the following manner:

  • We provide information about profitability, growth, and operating a competitive business
  • We highlight new products and merchandise made in the USA
  • We share insights from manufacturers on how to overcome failure and achieve success
  • We track industry trends and government programs that can help fund the business


Cutting Edge Products Benefit Manufacturers in the following manner:

  • We are a cost-efficient way to advertise products and services to independent retailers
  • We profile small manufacturers to help them gain access to a larger retail audience
  • We offer creative assistance to ensure ads adhere to publication requirements
  • We feature products in both print and digital issue to expand the reach

Our Team Values Your Opinions

Publishing a national magazine takes passion, commitment, and a little juggling to keep everything on track in today’s competitive environment. However, our diverse team has the talent and experience to handle whatever comes our way. Cutting Edge Products magazine is produced by a multi-generation creative and sales team with more than 100 years of combined service in the home improvement industry.

We value truth, honesty, and integrity. The opinions of our readers are important to us, and we encourage them to give us feedback to let us know how we can improve their experience. When you advertise in Cutting Edge Products magazine, expect to receive exemplary customer service. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.