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Customers Prefer Human Interaction Instead of Chatbots

March 13, 2024
An Ipsos Poll was conducted among U.S. consumers to get their views on artificial intelligence and other key topics. Most respondents (68%) have used chatbots, yet 77% of them would prefer not to utilize them. The poll also gave a “big picture” overview of how familiar participants understand AI and its applications.

5 Essential Tools to Successfully Compete in Your Market

February 27, 2024
The world of retail is constantly changing and it’s difficult to keep pace with the innovations entering the marketplace. Be prepared for an exciting ride. Business owners will encounter new opportunities related to technology, e-commerce, digital marketing, and product innovations. Ideas that were concepts on the drawing board a few years ago are now at the forefront of change. This is the year to take a deep dive into promoting your business.

Employee Training Programs Help Defend Businesses Against Cyberattacks

February 11, 2024
Conducting financial transactions in the digital age gets scarier by the day. Individuals and businesses must remain vigilant to stay ahead of cyber criminals who profit by gaining access to private information and secured data. Small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable since many need to train employees to understand the seriousness of cyber threats

Customers Value Retailers Who Support the Community

January 29, 2024
People place a high value on serving the community and helping those in need. Independent retailers are deeply invested in the communities where they operate their businesses since their livelihood depends on the shoppers who buy merchandise from them. Customers remember retailers who give back, and support causes that positively impact the community.

Tips for Holding a Successful BBQ Demo to Boost Sales.

January 26, 2024
Hosting In-Store BBQ demo events throughout the year is a great way to build brand awareness and strengthen relationships with your customers. Whether you are a retailer that already has an extensive grilling category or brand new to the category, grilling demos provide the opportunity to showcase the line of grills and accessories that you stock, and educate and showcase your store associate’s grilling expertise

How to Be a Leader Employees Respect and Appreciate

January 25, 2024
Many people in leadership roles freely discuss the shortcomings of the employees they manage. However, they rarely take a closer look to figure out what habits they need to change to become better leaders. While some people appear to be born leaders who innately understand what it takes to inspire employees,

Catering to Grilling Enthusiasts can Fire Up Slow Sales

January 25, 2024
Selling gets easier when products are in high demand from customers. Grills are an ideal niche business that attracts loyal grilling enthusiasts who are eager to entertain family and friends. The $4.9 billion category continues to evolve and expand with the addition of specialty products and accessories.