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21" Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

Landscapers are demanding more cordless alternatives to gas-powered outdoor power equipment. Makita is meeting demand with an expanding collection of cordless lawn mowers, including the 36V ConnectX™ Brushless 21″ Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower (CML01Z). With zero emissions, lower noise, and considerably less maintenance than gas-powered mowers, this lawnmower is a welcome solution for landscapers. Higher Capacity delivers 1,200 Watt Hours of Output with PDC1200A01. Longer Run Time ideal for all-day work; expected run times with PDC1200A01 may vary by product, application, and workday amount. Backpack Power Supply (PDC1200A01 or PDC01) can be mounted directly onto the mower (power supply units sold separately). Delivers up to 3 hours of continuous cutting with PDC1200A01 (power supply sold separately).




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