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New! Pexlock Fittings

Flair-It™ introduced their next generation PEX crimping program, PEXLock, 4 years ago, and the program has been a huge success. PEXLock has been tested by the competition, and proved reliable. The system is NSF 14 and 61 approved for residential installs. It has seen success in remodeling, new home construction, RV, Marine and Manufactured Housing. The DIY users rave about its simplicity and Integrity. It works, and it is not Rocket Science—a pair of pliers makes the leak-free connection, and backed by Flair-It with a 25 year warranty. The PEXLock can be used on PEX, and Poly Vinyl pipe, when paired with EcoPoly crimp fittings by Flair-It. PEXLock and EcoPoly fittings come paired in their pre-packed bags, color coded for size, and marked with all code approvals, warranty and install instructions in English, Spanish and French. PEXLock comes in over 100 potable plumbing varieties, from directional fittings, to specialty threaded fittings to unique transition fittings and all pair well with PEXLock full line-up of valve offerings. Success and Profits are in the bag. PEXLock…a Do-All water line retail program.


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