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Eliminate any errors or guessing when it comes to selecting a repair stem for your Arrowhead Brass hydrant! The Select-A-Length easily allows users to measure and cut to match already existing stem specifications in existing hydrants, from 4”-14” lengths! With Select-A-Length, there’s no need to remove the existing stem to determine the correct length- which saves valuable time and trouble! The stem has pre-etched marks for each standard stem length and comes with all necessary tools to cut the stem to your specific length. Select-A-Length is easy to install: Simply measure, cut, clean, and install. Select-A-Length stem includes instructions, cutting tools, and templates. Select-A-Length uses genuine Arrowhead Brass parts for a complete repair. A few standard additional tools are required: Adjustable wrench, Phillips’s screwdriver, and channel locks (optional). The Select-A-Length stem is available for Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing Series 420 & 460 Series Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrants and 450, 480, & 490 Series Standard Wall Hydrants, from 4 to 14-inch lengths.


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