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NEW! Chapin 4692 High Temp Hot Water Nozzle

Model: Chapin 4692

Chapin’s 4692 High Temp Hose Nozzle is rated for water temperatures up to 160°F (71.1°C), and water pressure up to 100 psi.  The rear trigger controls the flow and a trigger lock allows continuous spraying without needing to squeeze the nozzle.  The ergonomic, thermoplastic rubber grip provides protection and comfort while spraying.  Features include a threaded, steady stream nozzle and adjustable flow control.

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NEW! Chapin 4694 Industrial High Temp Hose Nozzle

Model: Chapin 4694

Chapin’s 4694 Industrial High Temp Hose Nozzle is rated for water temperatures up to 160°F (71.1°C).  The handle and front trigger are insulated for protection and comfort while spraying.  Hot water flows through the channel at the front of the nozzle and does not come in contact with the grip. The adjustable brass spray tip controls the spray pattern and a flow control dial adjusts the force of the spray stream.

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NEW! Chapin 4696 Firefighter Hose Nozzle

Model: Chapin 4696

Chapin’s 4696 Fireman’s Hose Nozzle is the right choice for high flow applications.  The large hand lever adjusts the flow and turns the nozzle on or off.  Operating pressure ranges from 15 to 250 PSI.  The large twist nozzle is fully adjustable from a heavy, straight stream to a shower.  Working nozzle pressure depends on the water pressure available. Fits standard hoses with threaded connections.

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NEW! Chapin 4698 Firefighter Water Cannon

Model: Chapin 4698

Chapin’s 4698 fireman-style water cannon hose nozzle is ideal for outdoor cleaning applications, washing cars, and general gardening and landscaping. The large lever makes it easy to turn the water on or off and the ergonomic grip is like a standard garden hose nozzle so you hold it with one hand. The spray adjusts from a heavy straight stream to a shower by twisting the large nozzle. Material composition is thermoplastic rubber coated zinc with a rubber washer. Fits standard hoses with a threaded connection.

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Chapin 20V Internal Battery Backpack Sprayer

Model: Chapin 60124

Chapin’s 60124 Internal Battery Backpack Sprayer can be used for multiple applications around the home.  The 20V rechargeable battery provides 1.75 hours of fatigue-free spraying on a single charge, (up to 50 gallons). The battery can be recharged with the included adapter. The 4-gallon, chemical resistant poly tank has a 4 inch opening for easy filling.  Two stage filtration helps eliminate clogs. The poly shut-off with lock-on feature allows for continuous spraying. The 24 inch poly wand extends reach and the adjustable poly cone nozzle provides different spray streams. Padded shoulder straps with a waist belt are included.

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Chapin 24029 2-gallon Sanitize and Disinfect Sprayer

Model: Chapin 24029

Chapin offers a line of sprayers for disinfection around the home, including the 2-gallon Sanitize and Disinfect sprayer.  This sprayer is designed for use with disinfectants and diluted bleach solutions. Features include a translucent, chemical resistant poly tank, chemical resistant seals and an ultra-fine misting nozzle for better surface contact with less drip.  The in-tank filter minimizes clogs.  Also available in a one gallon size (24019) and a 4-gallon backpack sprayer (63819).

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Chapin 25012 1-gallon Clean ‘N Seal Deck Sprayer

Model: Chapin 25012

The Chapin 25012 Clean ‘N Seal Deck Sprayer helps prep decks for outdoor entertaining.  This sprayer is compatible with most deck cleaners, sealers and transparent stains.  The 1-gallon translucent poly tank has a large funnel top for no-mess filling, poly shut-off and 3 fan nozzles for fine, medium and coarse spray patterns.  A Total Control Spray Shield is provided to protect siding.

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Chapin 30600 Professional Tri-Poxy Steel Deck Sprayer

Model: Chapin 30600

Chapin’s 30600 Professional Steel Deck Sprayer features a 2-gallon Tri-Poxy lined steel tank to protect against corrosion and denting.  This sprayer is compatible with most deck cleaners, sealers and transparent stains.  Features include a wide funnel top opening for easy filling and cleaning, a poly shut-off with reinforced hose and 3 poly fan nozzles providing fine, medium and coarse spray patterns.

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Chapin G2000P 2-gallon Home and Garden Sprayer

Model: Chapin G2000P

Chapin’s G2000P 2-gallon Home and Garden Tank Sprayer is a multi-use sprayer for maintenance around the home and garden.  It is compatible with fertilizers and weed, pest and fungus control products.  This sprayer incorporates many professional features including a cushion-grip shut-off with lock-on, reinforced PVC hose, chemical resistant seals, adjustable brass and poly nozzles, pressure relief valve and in-tank filtration.  The ergonomic, folding handle makes it comfortable to carry.

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Chapin G362D Hose-end Sprayer with Metering Dial

Model: Chapin G362D

Hose-end sprayers can cover large areas of garden, lawn and landscape with fertilizers, herbicides and pest control concentrates.  The G362D mixes concentrate while spraying and features a brass mixing head with 16 dilution ratios. Concentrate measurements can be easily switched from teaspoons to tablespoons.  The tank holds 32 ounces of liquid concentrate and sprays up to 320 gallons of diluted solution.  The sprayer attaches to a standard garden hose and has a built-in anti-siphon to prevent backflow.  The rear trigger handle with insulated grip is comfortable to hold.

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Chapin 82050C 70-pound Contractor Turf Spreader

Model: Chapin 82050C

Chapin’s 82050C contractor broadcast turf spreader is equipped with heavy-duty features for longevity and precision. The 70-pound contractor turf spreader has a 1-piece hopper supported by a powder-coated steel frame.  Solid steel linkage controls the rotary gate which is adjustable to accommodate a variety of material.  A cast zinc-plated agitator helps prevent clumping. Directional spread pattern control ensures material is applied where needed. Metal gears are enclosed to prevent debris interference. The rugged, wide tread pneumatic tires provide stability on uneven terrain. A rain cover and hopper grate are included.

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Chapin 84700A 25-pound SureSpread Bag Seeder

Model: Chapin 84700A

Chapin’s 84700A SureSpread 25-pound professional handheld bag seeder is ideal for covering small areas or hard to reach places where a push spreader or tow-behind can’t go. The heavy-duty, waterproof, zipper-top bag and adjustable gate opening are compatible with a variety of seeds and granular fertilizers. A stationary rear baffle keeps seeds and particles from filling your shoes and pockets.  The enclosed gear box protects the gears from the elements.  A padded, adjustable shoulder strap and a convenient application chart (located on the bottom of the spreader) make this spreader easy to use.

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New! Chapin Hose Fittings and Menders

Model: New! Chapin Hose Fittings and Menders

Chapin offers a range of Shut-off Hose Couplings, Hose Quick-Connect Assemblies, Hose Menders, and Hose Washers and O-Rings.  Visit the irrigation page at to see the full selection: