Channellock, Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Will DeArment to Product Manager

Posted: December 20, 2023
Category: Industry News

Channellock, Inc., a leading manufacturer of highquality pliers and assorted hand tools, is proud to announce the promotion of Will DeArment to Product Manager.

In his new role, DeArment will be responsible for the “life cycle” and organization of the company’s products from concept to launch as well as collaborate with end users, distribution partners, and vendors to identify new opportunities and further enhance product offerings. In addition to overseeing the company’s product portfolio, DeArment will manage special-order products and Channellock, Inc.’s private-label customer base.

With the launch of over 80 new products, DeArment’s promotion comes at a pivotal moment in the company’s history. Now responsible for managing the entirety of Channellock, Inc.’s product offerings, DeArment will help develop innovative strategies to expand them—ensuring the company’s continued growth.

“I am very excited to transition into this new role and look forward to working alongside the sales and marketing team at CHANNELLOCK®, said DeArment. “Although this is a new experience, I am confident that my skills and the insights of my coworkers will allow me to serve as an effective member of the department.”

Before accepting his new position, DeArment spent several years in production, maintenance, and shipping at Channellock, Inc. while completing his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, P.A. Most recently, DeArment served as the company’s Production Materials Coordinator, where he assisted with inventory management and production planning.

”Will offers us a unique opportunity having grown up with the company and being very knowledgeable of the brand,” said Ryan DeArment, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Channellock, Inc. “He has spent time on the factory floor and knows the people behind the product, providing him with the valuable experience he needs to uphold the CHANNELLOCK® standard. We are all excited and look forward to what he will bring to the sales and marketing team.”

Will is a sixth-generation member of the DeArment family, which has owned and operated Channellock, Inc. for over 135 years.

“Having your kids join a family business and help carry out a legacy that was built by the hard work of those who came before us is something that every parent hopes for,” said Jon DeArment, President and COO at Channellock, Inc. “Will’s role comes with a great deal of responsibility, but I am confident in his ability to drive new product growth for CHANNELLOCK®.”

DeArment was promoted at the company’s headquarters in Meadville, P.A. on Monday, November 6th.

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