Forging Ahead to the Next 165 Years

Posted: January 26, 2022
Category: Manufacturer Spotlight

Mayhew Tools invests in the Future of American Manufacturing

Mayhew Tools honors the past while successfully adapting to the future. The company remains steadfast in manufacturing quality products that customers can depend on for optimum performance. Founded at the height of the industrial revolution, Mayhew continues to embrace innovations that make the company a trailblazer in American Manufacturing.

What is the driving force behind Mayhew’s success as a company?
Mayhew’s success from the beginning has always been driven by our dedication to product quality and dependability. Our team is continually committed to consistent product innovation and developing new products that fill a void in the market so that the end-user has the best tool for the application at hand.

Mayhew was founded in 1856. Why is “Made in America” important to consumers?
We believe that when consumers are investing in ‘Made in America’ products, it signifies to them the quality and dependability of the item(s) they are purchasing. They can trust the product they are buying will do the job because they can know that Mayhew has remained true to its roots from the beginning and has stayed constant in quality craftsmanship and production processes.

Can you identify product innovations and trends driving the hand tools category?
Ultimately, consumers are looking for quality product solutions that will save them time, make their projects and jobs easier to accomplish, and are ergonomically designed, allowing for more comfortable use. We at Mayhew pay attention to these trends when we are developing new items and updating current lines to ensure the customer gets what they need and want.

What role does research and development play in bringing products to market?
Research and development are key parts of bringing successful product solutions to market. Mayhew always tests each new tool we develop initially, in-house, to very specific standards. We then follow up by conducting field-testing to ensure each product performs as intended.

Mayhew has expanded into new areas. Why is this important to the company’s growth strategy?
We believe it is important to have a diversified product line to offer our customers that also aligns with our core markets and competencies. We invest a significant amount of time and research into identifying which new products and lines we should bring to market based on the needs and solutions identified by our customers.

The supply chain has experienced disruptions caused by a lack of materials, shipping delays, and labor shortages. How has Mayhew been impacted?
Mayhew has unfortunately felt the impact this year by all of the above. We are doing everything we can to maintain the quality and service our customers know and trust in the Mayhew brand and are working diligently to reduce the impact of these issues at the customer level.

How do employees contribute to the success of the company?
The people behind the Mayhew brand are what make us successful. From the craftsmen who make our products, customer service, to the team that ships our products out to the customers, and everyone in between, we could not do it without them; it is a complete team effort.

Does the company support specific philanthropic causes or sponsorships?
At Mayhew, we believe in community and doing what we can to help those around us. We focus on supporting various charities (both locally and nationally) in multiple ways throughout the year. Some of the charities we support include:

  • United Way of Franklin County
  • Toys for Tots
  • Big Brothers & Sisters
  • We just finished a 3-year program with Baystate Franklin Medical Center
  • YMCA
  • American Cancer Society
  • Make a Wish

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we also began producing Face Shields and donated them to local hospitals and those that needed protective gear.

Share Mayhew’s philosophy on environmental stewardship and social responsibility?
As an organization and U.S. manufacturer, we believe in creating a positive and safe work environment where all our employees feel secure and are valued. We also make sure that we take the time to consistently review our processes, products, and packaging to reduce or eliminate waste and minimize our environmental footprint.

Recommend several Mayhew tool lines retailers should stock to attract pro customers.
Mayhew produces nothing but the highest quality tools. Once people purchase them, they become loyal customers. Some of the lines we recommend include; our varieties of punches and chisels, pry bars, masonry tools, hooks, picks and scrapers, pneumatic tools, screwdrivers, screw extractors, brass punches, and more. We also recommend our new made in the USA insert and power bit product lines. They each feature hundreds of SKUs in various fastener styles and sizes to accommodate numerous applications.

What is the most important thing our readers should know about the company?
Mayhew Tools has been dedicated to manufacturing innovative, high quality, made in the USA hand tools and providing customers with products they can trust and rely on for over 165 years. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality tools the market expects from the Mayhew name.