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Posted: April 7, 2022
Category: Manufacturer Spotlight

Albanese Confectionery Creates a Family Legacy

America is often called the land of opportunity. Who could imagine a father that struggled to make a living as a bricklayer would become the owner of an award-winning confectionery company? Many of you operate family-owned businesses and relate to Scott Albanese’s journey to turn his dreams into reality. Today, Scott’s daughter Bethany and her sisters are leading the company. In this conversation, Bethany Albanese shares insights about the business and the ingredients that make it successful.

How did Scott Albanese get into the business of manufacturing candy? In the early days, what were some of the biggest challenges?

My dad, Scott Albanese, had a young family with his wife, Debbie, in Illinois. He was a bricklayer which meant once winter started there was no income. He knew he needed to find a better way to provide for his family, so he looked to his heritage of being Italian and knew we were known for making great food. That was when Albanese Confectionery was born. Growing up while watching my parents create this business, I witnessed firsthand all the struggles of being an entrepreneur. Out of all the challenges,
the biggest one he faced over the years was convincing businesses that their turns would increase because of the great food he created.

Is the business family-owned and operated? If so, what are the titles and responsibilities of the various family members?

We are a proudly family-owned/operated business in Hobart, IN and are so grateful that our parents created such a wonderful legacy for our family. My two sisters and I have a unique dynamic that allows us to operate as Co-Presidents at Albanese Confectionery.

Are there prime holidays or best seasons for candy sales? Is candy a good niche business?

Candy is a great year-round selling item. Why? Because it brings the consumer joy. Sure, there are certain holidays that boost candy sales, but most candy items are for everyday consumption. I strongly recommend candy in the checkout lane(s) to encourage impulse buying. As a mom, I can attest to this strategy working on me as I patiently wait to checkout with less patient kids in tow.

What are the best areas in the store to place racks of candy or displays?

I recommend the front entrance, by the registers, and any seasonal/holiday area.

How does Albanese Confectionery differ from competitors?

Our focus is on making the best food at an affordable price so consumers can enjoy it every day.

Consumer tastes are constantly changing. How does the company diversify and expand product assortments while controlling costs and maintaining quality?

We love hearing from consumers about what they want, but we feel our job is to know what they want before they do. When creating new products, we will always produce them with great flavor, and texture. It will always be of high quality.

The company has won many industry awards. What role do research and development play in launching new product categories or creating extensions of existing candy lines?

We truly see ourselves as a research and development company that happens to have operations. When we launched our brand, Albanese World’s Best®, we expanded the non-chocolate category. Our team is always on the cutting edge of new trends in the marketplace, but we will never sacrifice taste in order to launch a new product.

Well-trained employees are critical to a company’s success. Is there a training program to help employees learn the operations?

Our process is so unique that we have created our own internal training program for our team members to ensure we manufacture a high-quality product.

What are the biggest challenges businesses face in today’s retail environment?

One of the biggest challenges retail businesses face in today’s environment is convincing the consumer that your store is worth the stop. With online buying at our fingertips, there must be a reason for the consumer to shop in your store. What value and experience are they receiving?

What is the most important thing you want readers to know about Albanese Confectionery Company?

When buying from Albanese you can always expect the World’s Best.