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ChoreMaster Vertical Cold Water Pressure Washer

Model: CV-2600-4MMC

The Mi-T-M ChoreMaster Series cold water pressure washer is designed for multipurpose cleaning. Equipped with a built-in detergent tank, this 2600 PSI pressure washer is great for blasting away dirt and grime from siding, patios, and equipment. It comes with a 30-foot hose, a 3-foot spray wand, and quick-connect nozzles.

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ChoreMaster Cold Water Pressure Washer

Model: CM-3000-0MMB

The Mi-T-M 3000 PSI ChoreMaster cold water pressure washer is built for do-it-yourselfers and professionals to blast away mud, dirt, and grime from any surface. This pressure washer features a powerful OHV engine, direct drive pump, and built-in detergent injector. The powder-coated steel frame and flat-free tires make it easy to move from one cleaning job to the next and it comes with a durable hose, spray wand, and quick connect nozzles.

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Work Pro Cold Water Pressure Washer

Model: WP-3200-0MHB

Designed for multipurpose cleaning to keep sidewalks, siding and equipment looking their best, the Mi-T-M Work Pro cold water pressure washer features a direct drive pump and Mi-T-M OHV engine on a powder coated steel frame with flat-free tires. It’s easy to move from one cleaning project to the next and comes with a 25-foot hose, wand and three nozzles.

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8-Gallon Air Compressor

Model: AM1-PH65-08M

The Mi-T-M 8-gallon wheelbarrow-style air compressor is essential for powering air tools such as nail guns, air hammers, and impact wrenches. Its unique design allows for the portability needed to move from one job to the next with ease. This air compressor includes a stainless-steel braided discharge hose, a large canister intake filter, a regulator, and two gauges for tank and outlet pressure. It comes with a 2-year pump exchange warranty and the fitted OHV engine comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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2000-Watt Inverter Generator

Model: GEN-2000-IMM1

The Mi-T-M 2000-watt inverter generator is built with inverter technology, making it powerful, quiet and fuel efficient. This inverter features CO detection and automatic shutdown, providing added safety during operation. The 2000-watt inverter has a compact, hand-carry design, making it easy to move where power is needed. With a host of universal outlets, this generator is great for powering tools, as well as charging battery packs and electronics.