Shine Brightly and Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Posted: November 15, 2021
Category: Spotlight on Business

‘Tis the season! Customers expect businesses to reach out to them throughout the holidays
to promote products and special offers. For home improvement retailers and other companies who are deeply rooted in the community, participating in Small Business Saturday on November 27 is a great option. It’s a day created specifically for small businesses and is a way for customers to come out and show support for small business owners. Other dates to add to your calendar include:

  • Black Friday (the top holiday retail sales day)
  • Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Cyber Monday
  • Super Saturday (Saturday before Christmas)

Small Business Saturday is an important day for local businesses who want to kick off the selling season on a high note. The popular “holiday” has been recognized by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Congress, and business organizations throughout the nation.

Since the day was established ten years ago by American Express, the number of shoppers and sales volume has steadily grown. In 2020, sales were $20 billion, slightly higher than the previous year. One of the more popular slogans that resonate with shoppers is “Think Small.” It recognizes the importance of small businesses and reminds customers to shop locally for gifts and holiday purchases.

  • 77 million shoppers are inspired to “shop small” throughout the year
  • 66 million consumers support small businesses because they contribute to the community

Big Boxes Change Plans for Holiday Season
Last year, chains such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy closed on Thanksgiving Day. They will also be closed this year to enable employees to be home with their families. Walmart had been open on the holiday for 30 years until 2020. Rather than focusing on attracting crowds of shoppers, big box stores plan to offer special online deals for extended periods and popular products at sharply discounted prices.

Get Ready, Get Set, Now Go!
Look at your store through the eyes of the customer. Are the shelves well-stocked? Do the endcaps look appealing? Is everything organized and free of clutter? A few areas may require attention before you tackle the other things on your “to-do” list.

  • Schedule enough staff to manage customers easily
  • Add popular products and Small Business Saturday information on your website.
  • Team up with other businesses to make the day a community event
  • Reach out to customers via social media, text, and e-mail
  • Remind customers to save-the-date

Use Free Promotional Resources
Take advantage of all of the resources that are available to make the day a success. Some of the online materials through American Express include custom flyers, social media assets, and more. Refer to the following websites for additional resources.

There may also be an opportunity to partner with other businesses in the community. If you have a limited amount of space in your store, consider moving the event outdoors. Serving hot chocolate or hot apple cider with holiday cookies in front of your business creates a festive mood.

Connect with Local Organizations
To save time, go online and check with the local Chamber of Commerce to find out how they plan to promote the day. This information is typically found in the news and events section. Another Participating in Small Business Saturday may seem like a lot of prep work for a single day. Still, the financial benefits to your store and the local economy are worth the effort.