Tap into the Demand for Cleaning Solutions

Posted: August 21, 2023
Category: Impulse and Housewares

Today, cleaning goes much deeper than grabbing a mop and bucket to remove grime from floors—or dusting light fixtures, and behind objects that get attention once a year. Consumers are more intentional than ever about how they approach cleaning and the products they buy. Home is where families spend the most time, so it’s reasonable that health and safety would be a priority.

“During the pandemic, cleaning became an important part of everyday life and cleaning routines were established to be quick, effective, and efficient, “says Leah Bradley, senior brand manager at Bona. “Many of these routines have remained, so while frequency might be less, the mindfulness of how cleaning takes place has continued.” Consumers have high expectations for cleaning products. Like other product categories, cleaning trends reflect changes in buying behavior, the environment, and technology.

The Category is Thriving
Research indicates the household cleaning supplies market reached $35.3 billion in 2022. The category is projected to grow at an annual rate of 4.9 percent and generate sales of $47.1 billion by 2028. Unlike many products that experience peaks and valleys, cleaning solutions are in constant demand, and manufacturers continually innovate to remain competitive. In such a broad category, it’s easy for independent retailers to carve out a niche tailored to their customer base.

Consumers Making Informed Choices
Shoppers expect retailers to offer them new and innovative products. Consumers are more sophisticated and educated about carefully reading labels and understanding manufacturers’ claims. This enables them to make informed choices and determine which products best meet their standards for safety and effectiveness. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Mary Gagliardi, an in-house scientist at Clorox, says, “We saw an increase in the understanding that a disinfectant claim for a product is something that the EPA regulates, so more consumers were looking for EPA-registered products and no longer assuming that cleaning automatically includes sanitizing or disinfecting.”

Environmentally Friendly Products
Additionally, a 2022 Survey conducted by Bona, a global cleaning supply manufacturer, offers broad insights into how cleaning has become embedded into our lifestyles. It indicates consumers are making a conscious choice when selecting products.

  • 9 in 10 Americans (92 percent) plan to Spring Clean
  • 92 percent are taking action to reduce their environmental impact
  • 56 percent plan to use cleaning products with environmentally friendly ingredients
  • 77 percent of respondents plan o switch from traditional cleaning products to environmentally friendly ones

Watch for New Trends
Independent retailers should make it a habit to speak to their suppliers about significant trends impacting the marketplace. Be open to stocking new cleaning and organization products that can potentially be hot sellers in your market. Shoppers will notice your efforts to diversify your assortment and introduce them to new options.

Pet-Friendly Disinfectants. Pet owners want to ensure they buy cleaners and disinfectants that won’t harm their furry friends. Many brands offer products specifically designed for use in homes with dogs: cats, or other animals.

Plant-based Ingredients. National brands are developing more cleaning formulas that are derived from plant-based ingredients. Consumers want to buy products free of toxins and potentially harmful ingredients. People are rapidly switching to brands they feel are healthier for their homes and the planet—many are biodegradable or water-based.

Fast and Convenient products that offer quick solutions are always popular. People often feel they need more time to get everything done. For example, wet/dry mops make it easy to clean floors or wipe up spills. Antibacterial sprays and wipes are simple ways to kill germs and sanitize spaces around the home—especially the kitchen and bathroom.

Stay Connected to Customers
Promoting your cleaning solutions department in-store and on your website is an ideal way to acquire more Gen Z and Millennial customers. Work towards building a community of loyal followers by interacting with select products in short videos or sharing exciting or unusual facts about particular items. A wide range of unique products is available through small manufacturers and large suppliers who sell national brands.

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