Customers Who Use Click and Collect Online Make Additional Purchases In-Store

Posted: August 21, 2023
Category: Spotlight on Business

Do you know customers who pick up online orders in-store buy almost 45 percent more merchandise after arriving? That’s an impressive statistic by any measure. One of the best ways to build sales and traffic in physical stores is to offer shoppers the ability to buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS). The expectation was fewer people would use click-and-collect services like BOPIS and curbside pickup after the pandemic since they could now shop without restrictions.

However, participation at large retailers grew from 76 percent in 2022 to the current level of 82 percent. Some home improvement retailers sometimes wonder if offering the service is worth their employee’s time and effort. Yet, data from Pollen Returns, a retail technology platform, may convince store owners to commit to the process.

Christian Piller, Pollen Return Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, thinks the service is a win for retailers. He believes BOPIS puts customers in a “buy-mode” by the time they arrive at the store and are pre-disposed to pick up more merchandise on the way to the register. “E-commerce only represents 20 percent of all retail sales in the United States. By pushing customers to stores, where 80 percent of retail sales happen, retailers can increase revenue.”

Offers Convenient Alternatives
Retailers should look for opportunities to increase foot traffic and generate add-on sales by offering as many convenience services as possible. BIOPIS and curbside pickup are good options for hardware stores that sell hard-to-find items and want to give shoppers cost-effective and convenient alternatives. These options offer customers more peace of mind. Not only are porch pirates less likely to steal their order, but it also helps an easier returns process.

  • One-third of adults younger than 50 like curbside pickup
  • Curbside pickup and BOPIS give businesses a competitive advantage

Larger Transaction Sizes
Many new shoppers opting to purchase online typically prefer shopping in physical stores. They select specific brands and products and buy from familiar retailers. These customers are okay with hopping in their cars and driving to the store for a pickup. Research indicates orders placed with click-and-collect methods are twice the size of other ordering options. Retailers also have higher customer retention rates since people who use curbside pickup or BOPIS are more satisfied with the overall shopping experience.

  • Two-thirds of new users plan to continue using click and collect
  • Forty-eight percent of Millennial shoppers and 39 percent of Gen X shoppers have use

click and collect delivery methods

  • Overall, 56 percent of U.S. shoppers use click and collect

Finding economical ways to encourage customers to increase their transactions while also demonstrating loyalty can be tough when they quickly turn to retailers like Amazon to get their items shipped free. But adding convenient services that show you value and support your customers can be just as enticing.