Understanding What Motivates Female Shoppers to Buy

Posted: September 19, 2022
Category: Spotlight on Business

Female shoppers have tremendous buying power and often influence the purchasing decisions of other family members. Independent retailers who analyze this group’s shopping and spending behavior will understand their motivation and can develop an effective strategy that targets these shoppers. Retailers need to continually attract new customers to be viable and grow their businesses.

Creating a female-friendly presence in-store and online requires incorporating appealing visual design elements, product assortments, and signage. The idea is to develop a plan to increase the number of women shoppers, make them stay longer, influence their purchases, and turn them into loyal customers. Some Independent hardware stores and home centers are leveraging the opportunity to create a niche business. Owners are committed to identifying the needs of female shoppers and are taking the necessary steps to communicate with them effectively.

  • Studies indicate shopping online plays a strong emotional and psychological role for women.
  • Research by the Wharton School of Business says, “men buy, women shop.”
  • Female shoppers plan out their shopping based on future needs

Women Take a Longer Time to Shop
Hardware stores hang their hats on, providing fast, friendly service. However, female shoppers like to linger around for a while. Studies indicate that men prefer an uncomplicated and straightforward shopping experience and stop shopping after finding the product they believe will work best. In contrast, women enjoy shopping and the social aspects of the experience.

  • Men get bored of shopping in 26 minutes. Women show signs of fatigue after two hours.
  • Women compare products, check for alternatives, and roam aisles
  • Women are highly selective and will continue looking until they find the specific product that meets their requirements

Following the Latest Trends is Important
Some women may not think of the neighborhood hardware store as the spot to purchase trendy products. Yet, retailers can change that perception by offering updated product assortments and helpful services. Categories such as housewares and home décor, paint, and outdoor living are areas of opportunity. Retailers should be aware of new color choices and design trends in fashion, design, and architecture to ensure merchandise assortments meet the expectations of female shoppers.

Women like Shopping for Bargains
There are aspects of the shopping experience where men and women have similar expectations. Small operations may consider offering specific services for a limited time or to loyal customers. While big-box retailers are in a position to absorb the costs of free shipping, providing this service may not be practical for independent retailers. Since women like to buy gifts for other people, retailers can assist them by highlighting giftable items such as power and hand tools, home décor, locally sourced specialty items, and special offers.

  • Sixty percent of men and women think free shipping is important
  • Seventy-four percent of men and seventy-seven percent of women like getting the best bargain
  • Seventy-four percent of women vs. fifty-seven percent of men buy on sale

Marketing to Female Shoppers
Female shoppers seek social engagement and inspiring ideas. It may be surprising that women.
(44 percent) are just as likely to work on DIY projects as men (48 percent). According to studies, seventy-one percent of women use social media to network, get ideas for projects, and purchase products. Pinterest is the go-to place for DIYers who want to watch tutorials or ideas. Pinterest pins have a 42 percent higher click-through rate than other pins.

  • Forty million more women use Twitter than men.
  • Women do Sixty-four percent of sharing on Facebook

Retailers should make it a point to connect with female shoppers by discussing products that can help them complete projects, offering DIY tips, and establishing a forum to communicate. To increase the visibility of your business, you may also consider YouTube and Instagram. Consider including traditional marketing methods to achieve a higher response. Women are receptive to emails, coupons, and sales events.

It’s essential to communicate with female consumers regularly to build lasting relationships. Let them know you are a local business owner. Surveys indicate shoppers prefer doing business with local retailers and small businesses. Whatever approach you take, be creative.